A little bit of history

well, i bought this domain many years ago, when i was very much involved with a spanish flower.
she was always calling me lunatico and i quite liked the sound of it.

I wondered for a very long time what to do with it, how to fill it with live.

now, it is about the time to let the baby fly. I would like to see creative and "wanna be creatives" gathering around here.
I´d like to see folks helping each other to explore the unknown. I´d like to see contribution to the world and help to make it again a nice place to live.

i encourage you to share knowledge, cross boundries, combine thinking and create new art, new life - new joy.

i kinda miss some things from our recent past, the 60´ies, 80´ies ... some energies even from before my birth ...

What do you remember, what do you miss, what would you like to happen ...

Let us all know!

let´s revive the vibe.
let´s fill our world with joy.

This site will be free and a place to meet and exchange.

let us Lunaticos growing everywhere

Be Lunatic!

For some folks, lunaticos are crazy people, having lost their minds or wandering in the moonlight.

For us, it is quite different. On the site of the lunatico, life is phantastic. We think outside the box, outside of learned behaviour.
we try to expand our boundaries. we explore art, sound, music, colors, movements and emotions.

the school of lunatico is a path to open up to the oportunities in the world.
sources of joy.

A little bit of history
Be Lunatic!